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GOLDBEAUTE Equipment - Professional hairdressing and beauty equipment

Explore our full range of top quality professional hairdressing and aesthetic equipment for hair salons and estheticians. Invest in excellence with GOLDBEAUTÉ Equipment

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Equip your salon with high quality furniture and professional equipment - GOLDBEAUTE , the reference supplier for hairdressing and aesthetics in France, Europe and internationally

The products are designed to provide an elegant salon layout, optimum comfort for clients and maximum functionality for hairdressers. Hairdressing and aesthetic equipment are of exceptional quality, which makes them durable and commendable in the long term. The long-lasting, professional results offered by GOLDBEAUTE hair products make them a wise investment for any hair salon.

The hairdressing experience is enhanced by a comfortable and pleasant working environment. GOLDBEAUTE 's hairdressing and esthetic equipment is designed to provide optimal comfort for clients, while allowing hairdressers to work efficiently and productively. Height and tilt adjustments, as well as convenient storage spaces, allow hairdressers to customize their work environment to meet their specific needs.

In addition to their exceptional quality, GOLDBEAUTE 's hairdressing and aesthetic equipment also comes with additional features that make it an ideal choice for professional hair salons. Hairdressing chairs , shampoo trays , mirror hairdressers , Climazon , hair dryer hood , hair steamer ozone sauna , trolley trolleys , foot rests , professional hair clipper , Barber Shop sign , children's hairdressing chair , barber chair , rolling stool

Aesthetic furniture and equipment are designed to ensure long-lasting professional results. Make-up cases , SPA massage tables , pressotherapy devices , paraffin wax heaters , vapozones and aesthetic chairs are some of the professional aesthetic equipment offered by GOLDBEAUTE . Massage Table , Chiropractic Massage Table , Physiotherapy Table , Ayurvedic Massage Table , Folding Massage Table ,

GOLDBEAUTE also offers a variety of Pedicure equipment, massage Pedispa spa pedicure chair , podiatry chairs and foot bath basin , Pedicure footrest ,

e. At GOLDBEAUTE , we have everything professional tattoo artists need for their work, including comfortable tattoo chairs , height-adjustable stools and dedicated lighting equipment for precise and efficient work.

We also offer Tattoo Artist Workstation Carts, providing a convenient and mobile work surface to organize your tools and supplies. Our professional rotary tattoo machines are also available for those looking to invest in high-end equipment for their salon.

We offer a full range of manicure equipment, such as professional manicure tables , UV lamps for curing nail gels and polishes, nail grinders for shaping nails, dust vacuums for maintaining the clean working environment and hand rests for customer comfort. All our manicure equipment is designed to offer professional quality and great durability

GOLDBEAUTE is a smart choice for hair salons looking to enhance their reputation by providing a premium hair styling experience to their customers. The hairdressing and aesthetic equipment offered by GOLDBEAUTE is durable, high-performance and comes with added features that make it a commendable long-term choice for any professional hair salon. Products are designed to meet customer needs, while providing a pleasant environment for everyone.

GOLDBEAUTE Equipements also offers a range of barber shop furniture, including barber chairs, hairdresser stools, storage furniture and accessories such as mirrors and towel racks. Barber shop furniture is designed to provide comfort and practicality, while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the workspace. Barber chairs are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit every professional's needs and preferences. Storage furniture, such as shelves and cabinets, provide convenient storage space for tools and hairdressing products

At GOLDBEAUTE Equipment, we are committed to providing top quality equipment at competitive prices.

We work with renowned manufacturers to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and technical support to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase and get the best possible return on investment.

In short, if you are looking for hairdressing and beauty equipment

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