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Is an ideal method to keep our skin free from pollutants that we are exposed to daily by opening the pores where impurities are eliminated, it also helps to keep the skin always hydrated. It is used to facilitate the work of removing blackheads and impurities.

How does the ozone vaporizer work?

VAPOZONE is a beauty machine based on a steam cleaner and an ozone generator. The water is heated to produce steam, which comes from the diffuser and goes to the skin. And the ozone treatment will make the vapor ozonized by UV light. The steam, which comes out slowly and without drips, generates a pleasant sensation and has multiple positive effects on the skin.

Ozone-based treatments purify and oxygenate the skin, not only of the face, but also of the body. The Vapozone has the following advantages:

Opening pores, facilitating the release of pimples, blackheads, traces of makeup and impurities.

Purification and hydration of the epidermis.

Relaxes the muscles, feeling of well-being.

Stimulates glandular functioning, helping to eliminate toxins.

Stimulates blood circulation and brightens the nose.

Ozone vapor also has two major consequences:

Increases tissue oxygenation as well as at the cellular level. Bactericidal and germicidal effect; helps eliminate bacteria and deeply purify the skin.

Discover our simple and ergonomic premium ozone vaporizers to help you breathe easier. Thanks to their light and compact design, they will be easy to carry wherever you go. Enjoy the Many Health Benefits of Ozone in Peace of Mind

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